Large Scale Enameling at KVO Annex in Santa Rosa, March 5-7, 2020


NOTE: This workshop has been postponed, please check back for future scheduling. 

Express Yourself with Stunning Detail on Large Scale Enamel Panels

Instructor – Alisa Looney

March 5 – 7, 2020

at the KVO Annex in Santa Rosa, CA

in Partnership with The Enamelist Society and The Center for Enamel Art

Set yourself free by combining granular spray, multiple layers of liquid enamel, sgraffito and painting techniques! 

Achieve the fine detail you have dreamed of, with ease and control when drawing images, textures and patterns into the glass. Learn to apply liquid enamel using the granular and multi-layer spray methods resulting in a powdered finish that allows the grains to be dislodged individually and promotes freedom to work with virtually any drawing style. Experiment with several sgraffito tools to create varied line qualities and thicknesses, cross hatching, stippling, brushing and combing. This spray application of liquid enamel can handle multiple firings and can be used on both flat and 3 dimensional objects. Painting techniques with both Liquid and watercolor enamels will also be explored.


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If you have any trouble with the registration form, you are welcome to call by phone to register. The Enamelist Society Phone: (770) 807-0142

Thanks and I look forward to working with you in this state of the art enameling facility!!