We are thrilled to offer workshops in and around our beautiful studio nestled in a stand of Ponderosa pines, along a sweet little Deschutes River canal south of Bend.

Connect to nature on a deeper level beginning with a sketch while sitting under our tall Ponderosa Pines and viewing our sweet canal dotted with birds. Then explore your collected images further carving and printing a lino-cut block, or painting with glass on steel.

Scroll down for our upcoming workshops, or just give us a call and we will schedule a time for you and your family or group to come out for an art adventure made especially for you!  We look forward to creating with you!

U P C O M I N G     W O R K S H O P    S C H E D U L E :



Express Yourself with Stunning Detail on Large Scale Enamel Panels

Instructor – Alisa Looney

March 5 – 7, 2020

at the KVO Annex in Santa Rosa, CA

in Partnership with The Enamelist Society and The Center for Enamel Art

Set yourself free by combining granular spray, multiple layers of liquid enamel, sgraffito and painting techniques!

Achieve the fine detail you have dreamed of, with ease and control when drawing images, textures and patterns into the glass. Learn to apply liquid enamel using the granular and multi-layer spray methods resulting in a powdered finish that allows the grains to be dislodged individually and promotes freedom to work with virtually any drawing style. Experiment with several sgraffito tools to create varied line qualities and thicknesses, cross hatching, stippling, brushing and combing. This spray application of liquid enamel can handle multiple firings and can be used on both flat and 3 dimensional objects. Painting techniques with both Liquid and watercolor enamels will also be explored.


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If you have any trouble with the registration form, you are welcome to call by phone to register. The Enamelist Society Phone: (770) 807-0142 

Thanks and I look forward to working with you in this state of the art enameling facility!!




B L O C K P R I N T I N G              W O R K S H O PS      


Intro to Lino-Cut Block printing

Wade Womack will lead you through the steps of block printing, teach you how to prepare your image, and to think about line, design and composition. You will create one block and several prints of that design.

Wade will demonstrate how to transfer your image onto a lino-block, how to carve the image and create spoon-rubbed prints. You will love seeing the boldness and line quality created with this technique. Surprise yourself by creating art in reverse!  Your prints will be stored on a special rack to dry over the next two days and can be picked up or mailed at cost. 

Materials provided:  linoleum blocks, water soluble inks, printing papers, and all tools for carving and printing.

What students need to bring:   1 graphite drawing 4×6 (use softer graphite 4B and above), water bottle, and sack lunch.

Warning: transfer process will change the quality of original drawing. If you want to keep drawing pristine, bring copy of original but keep in mind image will print in reverse and if direction is important you will need to flip image so left becomes the right and right becomes the left to keep the original orientation on final print.  

Pre-registration is required, please

These lino-cut block printing workshops are open to any skill level, from beginners to experienced artists, age 14 and above. You are welcome to take multiple classes to increase your practice  and develop a body of work. Limited to 5 students per session.


E N A M E L I N G   W O R K S H O PS

Intro to Enameling – Earrings and Pendant

Fusing glass to steel is an ancient form of alchemy that is being used today to create colorful and lasting artwork. Alisa Looney will lead you through the process of creating your own pair of earrings and pendant from start to finish.

Enamel (glass) on steel jewelry is lightweight and fun to wear! The Owl earrings and pendant shown above are samples to give you an idea of what is possible. You are welcome to make a similar design, or invent one of your own, working from sketches, photos, doodles or patterns that inspire you.

Materials and equipment provided for use in class: pre-enameled steel, liquid and watercolor enamels, sgraffito tools, brushes, cutting tools, punch, files, cleaning supplies, pins, boards, kiln and firing rack, earring findings, beads, pliers.

What students will need to bring: sketches or photos for inspiration, fine pointed watercolor brushes various sizes, water bottle and sack lunch.

Pre-registration is required, please email

These Intro to enameling workshops are open to any skill level, from beginners to experienced artists, age 14 and above. You are welcome to take multiple classes to increase your practice and develop a body of work. Limited to 5 students per session.



Enamel on Steel & Granular Spray – 4 Day Workshop 

Winter/Spring – Date to be Announced

Go into depth with enamel on steel at our Bend, Oregon Studio.

Alisa is thrilled to offer this 4-day workshop to up to 5 participants who want to spend focused time with this craft.  We will begin by studying many samples, and learning what is possible with each technique. Participants will have 4 days to develop work while creating a Wall Relief Sculpture, as well as test pieces and jewelry.

You will learn to cut and shape the steel, how to prepare the surface for enameling, apply the ground coat and fire in the kiln. Next you will add the white granular spray layer and use sgraffito methods to achieve fine detail with ease and control when drawing images, textures and marks in glass, while also learning appropriate kiln-firing temps and techniques. Add depth and color with Liquid Form Enamels, Watercolor Enamels and Enamel Crayons. Experiment with layering and highlighting using various tools for mark-making, effects and textures. These techniques open avenues for creating surface treatments that truly allow for the freedom to be expressive with a variance in line quality, so you can work in virtually any style!

There are wonderful places to stay close to our studio in nearby in Sun River. Many fun outdoor adventures await during your down time: hiking, biking, boating, birding and nature sketching to name a few.

Call or email to check for space available, and for more details on this immersion into enameling on steel.




Online Classes on the way!

Believe it or not, those of you who have been waiting for my online classes will soon be pleasantly surprised! Thank you for your patience with our big move. I have been taking some fantastic videos, photos and detailed notes of my process over the past few years and have some incredible tools and techniques to share with you! Now that we are settled I have the time to assemble these materials and bring these skills directly to your studio. I know many of you have requested this online option for enamel on steel, granular spray, sgraffito, and watercolor enamel painting techniques. I am so very grateful to have learned from my incredibly skilled enameling teacher and past professor John Killmaster, who has given me his blessing to pass these techniques on to you. Be sure to keep an eye out for my unveiling, as this is a wonderful solution for those of you who can not travel and already have a studio to work in at your own pace. Thank you for your continued interest. I’m really Excited!!!


Excited to share this Alchemy with you!



Recent Traveling Workshops:

The Enamelist Society Conference   –  Assisted John Killmaster with his Enamel on Steel – Granular spray and sgraffito workshop, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, July 31 – Aug 2, 2019

Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation   –  Draw & Paint with GLASS on STEEL – Alisa Looney , Bellevue, KY, Mar. 21- Mar. 24, 2019

Pioneer Craft House  –  Draw and Paint with Glass on Steel  –  Alisa Looney, Salt Lake City, UT, October 2018

Idaho Art Education Association  – Draw and Paint with Glass on Steel  –  Alisa Looney and John Killmaster, Fire Fusion Studio, Boise, ID, October 2018

Idaho Art Education Association  – Block Printing  –  Wade Womack, IAEA Conference, Meridian, ID, October 2018

Idaho Art Education Association  – Keynote Address, Listening with Kindness breakout session, Sketch in Motion workshop, Sculpture Design Sketch in 3D workshop –  Alisa Looney,  IAEA Conference, Meridian, ID, October 2018